Hoeveel is dat waard?

mei 31, 2009 at 4:06 am 2 reacties

evite smallEen groepsshow met als thema “Value”.  Spring eens binnen, mocht u in de buurt zijn. (TR)


 Because in these times,

-trillions worth of value in stocks, real estate and other possessions have disappeared like smoke into thin air;

-the value of human life in many parts of the world seems to be next to nothing;

-many see a crisis of values in our society;

– questions are raised about the true value of art …

value is a concept which is especially appropriate for artistic exploration today.

That is what the artist group consisting of Debby Davis, Steve Foust, Tomas Ronse and Tattfoo Tan decided to do in their exhibition as part of this year’s Art by the Ferry- Festival (the same group exhibited in last year’s ‘festival without Tattfoo but with Tom Bogaert).  The location, a closed pizza-parlor on 70 Bay Street, Staten Island is quite consistent with the theme of the show.

The four artists approach this theme in different ways:

Debby Davis, an artist who processes things that make her uncomfortable –death, decay, violence, mortality- into palatable visuals, explores the value of home. Her work in this show draws on images from towns ravaged by the economic crisis.

Tomas Ronse is a recycling artist who finds beauty in what is thrown away.His collages and assemblages are quirky and whimsical yet raise serious questions about the values of society.

Steve Foust’s work in this show is about receiving, holding and giving. Foust, who “draws with a saw”, sculpting sheets of wood, represents his sense of value by vessels with connecting channels.

Tattfoo Tan is a conceptual artist who seeks to engage his public in a collaborative practice so that art becomes a shared, ritualized experience.  On each of the four days of the show, Tattfoo will  create a different participatory event around a value-related theme.

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